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Through a professional trajectory marked by excellent results in the process consulting area, the businessman and consultant Edson Gonçalves Junior, Brazilian, born in São Paulo, founded Avilla Consulting in 2003. Due to the growing demand for his services and already seeing the opportunity to expand to the entire national territory and to other segments, Edson Gonçalves Junior, realized the need to recruit properly qualified professionals and train them in the Avilla methodology to work in the field. Thus, in 2010, the company Avilla Consulting began operations in one of the largest furniture hubs in Brazil, located in the northern region of Espirito Santo. Acting in process management, always focusing on continuous improvement and optimization of production steps, having the Lean Manufacturing philosophy and the studies of times and movements based on its methodology, methods focused on maximizing the quality and productivity of organizations. Through the application of the methodology, obtaining expressive results in the industrial area, it aroused the interest of other segments, thus starting projects in the Food and Agribusiness segment, and it was from this success that it became a reference in consultancy in process management, acting in throughout the national territory, Spain and Peru. Since then, starting your international trajectory, in 2020 he started to write another chapter in your history, crossing borders and becoming a global company with open doors to the world, having your new headquarters located in Florida, USA, being located at an address with a 360 view of the world market.


Through work focused on the production process and with the help of the ADDI system, Avilla Consultoria is able to extract the information necessary to optimize production processes in less time and cost. For this, it works in partnership with the managers of the processes to reach the objectives outlined in management meetings. In this way, with the daily actions directed to defined foci, the result is becoming more and more clear. The method applied guarantees greater practicality to the entrepreneur, through the availability of exclusive software, which can be viewed on the Smartphone, Iphone and Ipad that presents in real time all the data pertinent to the manufacturing process. Approved and recommended by all companies that have come to benefit from the proposed methodology, Avilla Consultoria has been increasing the effectiveness of the productive processes making the organizations even more competitive in the market.


Avilla Consultoria is composed of professionals highly qualified and qualified to act in any follow-up, from the manufacture to the agricultural follow-up, we have tools adaptable to any scenario of the organizations.


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